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欢迎来到一口燕窝, 想吃全天然的燕窝就要吃一口品质保证的燕窝

Welcome to Eco Bird Sdn Bhd website, want to eat all natural bird's nest, you have to eat a qaulity bird's nest.
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一口燕窝, 良心企业, 从里到外, 一条龙服务. 无论搭建燕屋, 采取燕窝, 清晰毛燕至包装出售都在本公司严厉管控下生产, 保证决无添加任何添加剂, 品质保证, 信心保证.

We offer one-stop solution bird's nest services. Under the strict control from the company, we will assist you about the construction of swiftlet house, collecting & cleaning bird's nest and packaging process. We assure you that only high quality of bird's nest are being produce without adding any additives.

售卖毛燕, 批发, 零售干货, 燕屋专业顾问

Selling swiftlet. Wholesale & retail dry goods. Swiftlet house professional consultant.

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