Bird Nest

Bird Nest biscuit is made up from the segregation fell from cleaning process. We will put in a forming tools to make it into a better shaped. You can customised your bird nest biscuit i.e. heart shape, round shape or etc.

Since it is make up from bird nest segregation, the texture for this product can be easily compared unideal. Yet, bird nest biscuit produced by our company is 100% natural bird nest.

Bird Nest Biscuit

Bird Nest Biscuit

Bird Nest Biscuit

All the bird nest are fully cleaned by experienced operator. We do not process our products with any chemical, any bleaching or any others artificial flavours. We guarantee you our products are all 100% natural and original bird nest.

Bird Nest Cup 250g

Bird Nest Cup 500g

Bird nest cup 100g

Bird Nest Edge (hereinafter Edge) is the two parts of the bird nest. The swallow will build the Edge as the foundation of bird nest to support the weight. It is the most solid part amongst the whole edible bird nest. It is usually taken out when we cleaning the bird nest so long as the bird nest cup would remain the cup shape.

Bird Nest Edge


Bird Nest Stripe


Bird Nest Cup

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